Trip to Saratoga.


Took a trip up to Saratoga, where we met up with Eric and Sabrina for the weekend. Some gorgeous scenery, and Eric risked life and limb to get some great shoots of the crossfire on some great mountain roads. See them here.

New scoring system for ShooterX.


Implemented new scoring system in the shooter from Murdock's concept. As far as I know it's unique. Basic concept is that the value of an enemy increases depending on how long it exists for.

Anagram Solver to version 1.1, proper scoring support.


Thanks to Benjamin Beschnidt, who dug up the proper scoring rules for Bookworm Adventures, the anagram solver now correctly calculates in game damage.

ShooterX, a little glitz.


Got half finished player ship from Murdock, inserted into game. Added a nifty engine glow effect as bonus.

Anagram Solver updated.


Added support for filtering results based on a number of criteria. Also included psycho for a small performance boost.

ShooterX, joystick support.


Added support for weapon switching and joysticks. Some additional extensions to the base data files to allow point value to be defined independently.

Also upgraded to python 2.5 and switched to lxml as base XML library.

ShooterX, might be a team project again.


Powerups work, fixed some issues with rotating sprites.

Anagram Solver


Been really enjoying Bookworm Adventures but kept having the feeling that I must be missing some really great words. So, I made a simple anagram solver that can find them, so I know how badly I'm doing. Download it here.

ShooterX, updated at long last.


Added some basic ship control features, improved performance. Game can end, also good.

Die Hard Gamer Radio


So, the obscure gaming podcast now has a site of it's own. Should have additional episodes available for download in the next couple of days.

Visit it here.

Trip photos up.


Put up some photos of the trip to london. Have a couple of movies too, but they won't fit in what little free space I have here.

See them here.

ShooterX, somewhat playable.


Implemented attachment system, which should be the last major part of scripting. Only pieces that are left are the flag values.

Added ability to control player with arrow keys, hackish but qualifies as playable now. I can see no further changes to syntax, and see no reason to delay working on the rest of the project.

ShooterX, updated.


Behaviour script preview release. 95% complete XML scripting language for describing sprite movement and firing patterns. Ready for level design to begin.

Despite the time and effort put into the scripting system, I'm really not happy with it. There's got to be a simpler way.

ShooterX, updated.


Experimenting with the other basic components. Stressed collision detection, in particular. Frame rate can really crawl due to it. Will probably have to limit the number of enemies on screen to 10 to 30.

ShooterX, In progress.


Proof of concept for a pygame based shooter. Other members of the project can download the latest from here: ShooterX